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Хилария Болдуин встала в позу. Что случилось?

Хилария Болдуин встала в позу. Что случилось?
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в сентябре стала мамой в третий раз. Она родила мужу, актеру (58), чудесного мальчика Леонардо. Не прошло и трех месяцев, а она уже делает стойки на голове в честь выхода ее книги.

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Post bath baby kisses are #RafaelThomas

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Ноя 14 2016 в 4:49 PST

Накануне ей по почте прислали один экземпляр, и она поспешила отметить это событие стойкой на голове. В свой


Хилария выложила снимок, на котором она верх тормашками читает новое издание.

I opened up a box that arrived in the mail and guess what was inside?!?!? A finished copy of my book, The Living Clearly Method! So, naturally, I immediately ran over to the playroom to do a handstand on unstable furniture with my feet touching the ceiling, reading it upside down, glasses and all ! Wouldn't you be disappointed if I shared this news with you any other way ?!?!? On a less silly note: I wrote this book so I could share with you all my favorite tricks for keeping calm, healthy, and energetic no matter what’s going on. I am so excited for you to be able to read it and I truly hope it resonates with you, making life a little brighter, clearer, and happier. It goes on sale December 27th, but anybody who preorders it will get some extra goodies now! Check out the link in my bio for more info. I can't wait to hear what you think #366daysoflivingclearly #hilarialcm @rodalebooks Ps. I apologize for my bizarre outfit: American eagle shorts and my forever 21 top (both that probably bought when I was like 19 ...welcome to how I roam my home. I thought about putting makeup and a different outfit on to redo the photo...but then I was like: who am I trying to impress?!?!? It's just us #BestInstagramFamilyEver

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Ноя 17 2016 в 9:01 PST

«Сегодня я открыла коробку, и что же там было внутри?! Готовая копия моей книги The Living Clearly Method! Поэтому, естественно, я сразу же побежала в игровую комнату, чтобы сделать стойку на неустойчивой софе с поднятыми вверх ногами, читая книгу вверх тормашками! Разве вы не разочаровались бы, если бы я поделилась этой новостью с вами любым другим способом?!» – подписала фото Хилария.

Кстати, в продаже книга Болдуин появится 27 декабря.

I read & value your comments. I block only if someone is mean--it's simply too exhausting to read hate. Never silence an opinion that is respectfully stated. Having differing opinions is normal, important, and part of our incredible democracy. Looking at the numbers after this election, I think we can all agree that we are incredibly divided. And this is our greatest problem. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be for all...not just a drop over half...whether that be during Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump...or any other administration. Whether in the happy camp or unhappy camp, I have learned over the past week that this great divide should make us all unhappy. If we are truly united, we should value everyone's wellbeing and joy. We are never going to agree all the time, but at least we can try respectfully. We need to be the "United People of America" not just the "United States of America". The only way I think this can get better is through improved communication and getting to know each other better. I have received many comments from Trump supporters about how "liberals should get to know us". You know what? They are right. I want to get to know them, I want to get to know you. So we are not a "them" & an "us", but we result in a strong, united "WE". I realize that due to my instagram following, I have a voice that some others don't have. I want to dedicate this post to giving these people a voice to PEACEFULLY express who they are in the comments section. Who are you? And what do you need? What do you value? What do you want to see from this next administration? Where have you not be heard and taken care of? We need to be all in this together. We are all made of the same flesh and blood. We are not opposing sports teams & this is not about winning and losing....we are citizens of the same country. In my previous posts I have expressed concern. I'm allowed to feel and have concerns. I'm a mother, a citizen, a human being. But I want to hear from you too-because I don't matter more than you. No one does. So please: I dedicate here to you so you can be heard and valued. Kindness is the one rule-whether you are on the right or the left

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Ноя 11 2016 в 8:36 PST

Напомним, что они с мужем Алеком Болдуином воспитывают еще двоих детей: дочь Кармен Габриелу (3) и сына (1,5). Также у актера есть дочь Айрленд (20) от брака с .

....a panda and a puppy walk into a bar....

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Ноя 13 2016 в 6:49 PST

My little woman, my little lady...my princess, my smart, brilliant, bright future. Never listen to anyone belittle you for your gender. We are strong women and worth every bit as much as any man. We are not things to be owned or objectified. There is nothing wrong with feeling beautiful--just understand that true beauty is transmitted from deep inside your soul and shines outward. I worry you might get confused...I worry that you could fall for misogynistic thoughts and statements. Because there seems to be so many flying around these days--in such high places of power. You are too good for this. We all are. Every woman is. Feeling sexy, attractive, special, and wanted is only meaningful if it comes from the right person. You don't need that attention from anyone who doesn't respect you wholeheartedly. They have their own lives to lead, their own problems to figure out. And we can only pray that they will find a path of goodness. Don't feel power in their meaningless thoughts and idiotic statements. Sometimes this is how some figure out their demons. Those who treat others this way most likely had something terrible happen to them. We must show compassion for their pain, while, at the same time, protect ourselves. Anyone who doesn't treat you with the utmost respect is not worth your time. Always be kind, confident. Just nod and walk in the other direction--towards true power, happiness, and grace. Waste no energy. Own your amazingness...stick together with those who see you and treat you brilliantly. So you can do the same for them #karma #love #366daysoflivingclearly #hilarialcm

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Ноя 11 2016 в 6:45 PST