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The Media Are Attacking Trump in a Vicious Battle 

Фото: Вести.Ru
It’s a paradox — when Donald Trump talks about the need for more protection against terrorism — the media, both US and European, either make fun of him, or attack him.
Trump’s executive order restricting entry to the US in order to keep terrorists out, is being challenged by local judges, and is stalled. Trump is fighting back, and expects to win the case in the Supreme Court, where he will have a majority once his nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is approved. His other option is to sign a new, similar executive order, with stronger legal arguments. This would be faster and more assertive. So far, the media is pummeling Trump with everything they have. Here’s an interesting collection of magazine covers: from the New Yorker, an extinguished liberty lamp — suggesting that freedom is no more…
The German Spiegel is even blunter: Trump is depicted as a barbarian terrorist. The NY Daily News liked the idea, and ran with its own version. Earlier, Spiegel depicted Trump as a meteor speeding towards Earth, with the laconic caption: ‘End of the world’. The British Economist depicted Trump as a street hooligan prepared to blow up everything. The Irish Village even suggests assassinating Trump. And here is one of the oldest and most prestigious American magazines, The Atlantic…
Obviously Trump is not doing any of this. It’s pure scare-mongering. Up till now, the tradition was to give new presidents 100 days to work in peace before being criticized. Now, it seems, they are blasting Trump even before he is able to take any decisions. Seeking to raise awareness of the danger of terrorism, the White House published a list of 78 terrorist attacks around the world which were not covered in the US media, or mentioned very briefly.
The media responded with derision, saying they were minor, or were duly covered. Meanwhile, they continue to portray Trump as an Islamophobe, against all migrants, and a leader prepared to destroy American democracy and its foundation — a free media. It’s a vicious battle. Trump keeps calling the most authoritative American newspaper, the NY Times, ‘failing’. Press secretary Spicer declares: ‘Fake news from CNN continue to disgust us’.
CNN isn’t the only one dabbling in fake news. NBC ran a story with so-called ‘info’, from mysterious ‘sources’, supposedly in ‘intelligence agencies’, that Russia is considering handing over Snowden in order to improve relations with the US. Snowden instantly replied on Twitter, in my opinion, foolishly: ‘Finally: irrefutable evidence that I never cooperated with Russian intel. No country trades away spies, as the rest would fear they're next. ’
It follows that if Snowden is not traded away, then by his logic, it is proof that he did work with Russian intelligence — this is nonsense. These Americans — NBC, Snowden, all of them — still don’t understand what kind of country they are dealing with. Russia doesn’t barter with people. She neither buys, nor sells them. To extradite Snowden to a US death sentence, as a ‘present’, to ‘improve relations’, would be to use a human life as ‘payment’.
Snowden is in Russia as a human rights refugee and it is this status that protects him from extradition. Snowden is a free man in a free country it is up to him if he wants to stay or go. But NBC might put ideas in Trump’s head…
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