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Allegations Against Le Pen Clear Way for Her Opponent - Macron

The European Parliament deprived of her parliamentary immunity. This decision was announced in Brussels because of the claims that the French prosecutor's office is making against the National Front leader. Moreover, investigators began asking questions about the events, which took place two years ago, only now, close to the elections. And, given the dubiousness of the charges, it looks like an ordered campaign against the presidential race leader. Someone is carefully clearing the way for a certain candidate. Anastasia Popova reports from France on the alignment of forces for today.

Allegations Against Le Pen Clear Way for Her Opponent - Macron
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No debating. Consideration of depriving Marine Le Pen of her immunity was rather a formality. The procedure took just a few minutes: "The result of the voting is obvious. The proposal is approved by a clear majority".

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The presidential candidate will not only pay a fine, but is also under a threat of spending three years in prison for the publication of photos of three executions of on Twitter. That's not taking into account the other charges for creating fictitious jobs for her assistants. And all this is taking place in the end of the election race. "As Marine Le Pen and are being attacked now, there are questions to the authorities, the media and the system of justice. There are things happening that go against the principles of French democracy. We are very concerned, all this spoils the campaign and distances us from discussing really important issues".

The pressure on the Francois Fillon’s team is incredible. Nearly 5 million French watched live his statement of having no intention to leave the race. Immediately after his statement, five key members of his campaign resigned. The Union of Democrats and Independents denied him membership. Perhaps, it has never happened in the history of the Fifth Republic that the candidates not supported by the overseas patrons have been done away so openly and publicly. In fact, this system is a long-established and robust one, but has not yet been applied openly.

A huge amount of compromising materials clear the way to Emmanuel Macron. He is supported by the entire ruling state apparatus, engaging administrative resources at all levels. 52 days before the election, he was the last one to present his program. Macron, contrary to expectations, decided against radical changes and, in fact, offered a course similar to the one proposed by during the elections. He added a few ideas appealing to the moderate right wing. In addition, he proposed to prohibit family members of the parliamentarians to work as assistants.

Macron: "Now is a very important time. Because there are two candidates that offered programs, which threaten to throw the country back in development. And, I consider it absolutely necessary, on the one hand, to keep calm and, on the other hand, of course, to reaffirm that I respect our state".

Emmanuel Macron, who seems to be absolutely confident of his victory in the elections, decided to present his program not somewhere in the headquarters of his campaign, but a hundred meters away from the Elysee Palace, in the Pavillon Gabriel which hosts the studio of one of the most popular journalists in France, Michel Drucker. Macron is supported not only by the press, which gives the candidate the lion's share of coverage, but also of the financial community, supporting the protege of the world globalist elite. He managed to collect about 7.5 million euros of donations. But who are they, the donors? All his rivals in the race demand that he publishes the list. Macron refuses to do so, the voters are angry. At the farmers exhibition, someone threw an egg at Macron’s face.

The desire to hide the names of the sponsors is understandable. Especially if we remember those who have many times actively supported presidential candidates from abroad. Historically, French politics is heavily dependent on Arab countries’ money. With a new president, the sponsor changes as well. Francois Hollande, which is called by some people a secret protege of Macron, went to Saudi Arabia as his last foreign visit. There, he secured business contracts valued at 250 million euros for the next 10 years.

Chirac was close friends with the president of Tunisia, Mohamed Ben Ali. His gold was transported through France after his escape. The election campaign of was sponsored by Muammar Gaddafi. The investigation spoiled the reputation of the former president and, to a large extent, did not allow him to win the primaries. However, the media is stubbornly silent about Macron and only publish the figures of the polls, according to which 39-year-old former finance minister will gain up to 60 percent of the votes in the second round.