Trump Decided to Partition Syria 

Trump Decided to Partition Syria
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A completely new turn of events in Northern Syria. The Americans are not just changing their tactics there, they're changing their overall strategy. A complete 180. That's Trump.
In December, the US agreed to UNSC Resolution 2336, which clearly states «its strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic». And now, without making their intentions in Syria public, America decides to partition the country.
On Monday, in Japan, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu said that a post-conflict resolution in Syria is being discussed. We think it's time to begin post-conflict reconstruction efforts of Syrian infrastructure and to discuss the role the big international coalition will play in it. So Shoygu believes that the days of the barbarian pseudo-caliphate are over and that it's time to begin negotiations for the sake of the country's internal well-being. This includes creating an international coalition to assist in rebuilding Syria.
The Americans agree, but under one condition — the post-conflict deal needs to be done right away. When it comes to rebuilding, they won't do anything. In his response to Shoygu, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated on Wednesday, «As a coalition, we're not in the business of nation building or reconstruction».
Before that, on Tuesday, the USA landed more special forces in Syria. That was south of the Euphrates River. They also took a few Kurdish units into their helicopters. Here are the pictures of a joint march. At the same time, there's a message on «The Voice of Kurdistan», without any references, but still very specific, that the US and Syrian Kurd authorities have agreed upon the borders of an autonomous Kurd state, which is to be located in the territory of Syria. This autonomy will be applied and recognized by the US right after taking over the cities of Raqqa and Es-Thawrah (Tabqa).
"The Voice of Kurdistan" also says that the Americans have already determined the borders for United Kurdistan, which is to be located in the territories of Iraq and Syria. When it comes to the borders of the so-called «Great Kurdistan», there are different versions of it online. Like this. Or like this. Or like this.
Basically, it's all about the population of Kurds — the largest nation without its own state. There are up to 40 million Kurds. The specific border that Americans drew on Syria and Iraq isn't that important. It's essential that the course of creating a new state, at least, at the expense of Syria and Iraq, is taken in complete secrecy. This fundamentally changes the agreement. At the very least, the actions taken by the US confirm what was said on «The Voice of Kurdistan».
The next step, after announcing the borders of the new Kurdish autonomous state, is recognition of the new state by the USA and its allies. Basically, it's the Kosovo model. Not too hard, it has been done before. If so, then there will be about 10 million Kurds in United Kurdistan, which is serious. But what's even more serious is that 18 million Kurds in Southeast Turkey, in Turkish Kurdistan, will be inspired to reunite with their brothers. With such inspiration, they'll get money, weapons, intelligence sharing, and diplomatic support from the US.
For Turkey, this turn of events would be fatal. Through a bloody civil war, the country might fall apart from the inside. America knows that, so they're getting their revenge on their ally for their rebelliousness and their partnership with Russia. Either way, the actions taken by the US on the ground fully confirm this blueprint. «The Voice of Kurdistan» says that the Americans are basically bribing leaders while simultaneously paying a large salary to the Kurdish soldiers. They also airlift them to the front lines near Raqqa and Es-Thawrah (Tabqa).
Meanwhile, they keep the Turkish military away, like they can do it without them. As a result, the military forces on the bank of the Euphrates are fully active. To the northwest of Raqqa and to the north of Es-Thawrah terrorists are taking residential areas one-by-one. Obviously, Damascus cannot be too happy with this situation. Bashar Al-Assad stated, «Any operation in Syria without a preliminary arrangement with the authorities is illegal. Any presence of military units on Syrian land is an invasion, whether it's to free Raqqa or any other residential area». Meanwhile, a member of parliament from the Syrian and one of the chairmen of the National Council of Syrian Kurds — Muslim Muhammad, confirmed that «the Americans have this project». «The Kurds must decide their own fate on the lands of Iraq and Syria.
Today, Syrian Kurdistan is at the center of attention and it deserves to have its own rights.» Damascus has another offer for the Syrian Kurds — autonomy within Syria. The Americans are trying to steer the other way. They need war in the region. We'll keep an eye on what's going on in northern Syria, unfortunately, it seems that the long-suffering country's problems are not yet over.
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