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Trump Was Called an Emotional Person with Poor Sagacity

Chemical weapon is a devil's stunt. It was created and first used by the Germans during WWI. Ever since, the horror before this dangerous poison was so intense, that even Hitler didn't dare use his giant chemical arsenal on the battlefield. But somehow the hypocrisy towards the chemical weapons and a doubtful urge to protect people from them are used for creating fake ways to start wars and destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, turning millions into refugees. USA has its own masters of this kind. Anton Lyadov is reporting about those who crave to kill, supposedly saving others from the chemicals. It's a major step forward. The last of the chemical weapons arsenal of the country is about to be destroyed.

Trump Was Called an Emotional Person with Poor Sagacity
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The CNN channel, the main news source in the USA, 2014. The host and then the correspondent tell in detail how the last part of the chemical weapons are taken out to be destroyed from Syria. Under tight security in a port in Southern Italy chemicals from Syria are being transported from a Danish ship onto a US vessel. Now footage from a Russian channel. The process is supervised by the officers of Danish, Norwegian and Chinese Navy, by the Russian Fleet and foreign journalists. Here a BBC reporter is touching the machine that will destroy the chemical weapons of Syria. This machinery is the base of the operation to destroy the chemical weapons. Within the next few weeks mustard-gas will go through these pipes and hundreds of tons of components of neuro-paralytic agent to make sure it will never again be used as a weapon.

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In January 2014, under close expert supervision, the chemical substance was delivered by trucks from various points in Syria to the Latakia Port. From there it was taken to Italy by sea. From there — to the liquidation locations. In Germany the chemicals were destroyed in the city of Munster. The liquidation was also handled by the French company Veolia and the Finnish Ekokem. A large amount of chemicals was destroyed by the Americans right on their vessel. This video was published by the . The water will be heated to approximately 194 degrees F. It's pumped into these containers and then goes into the mixer. The liquidation process was supervised by the international with headquarters in Hague. It was created with the support of the UN. It received the Nobel Peace Prize. I call upon Ahmet Uzumcu, the OPCW representative.

After global recognition the organization reported on its work. The collection of the first 1200 tons of chemicals from Syria for liquidation in a different location was a real test. And we did it in less than 9 months. All the chemicals were removed from Syria. All the chemicals were removed from Syria. The final proof appeared on January 4th, 2016. The last 75 cylinders of the chemical weapons declared by the Syrian Arab Republic were destroyed. It seemed to be done and over with. A year and three months later Americans launch 59 cruise missile to hit a Syrian Air Base. They claim that Al-Assad found chemical weapons somewhere and used them against his own people in the Idlib province. There is no proof or results of the investigation. Their goal was to show that Trump is a tough guy. To prove to their own voters, to those who don't like him. They weren't pursuing any other goal.

All foreign political steps that the US ever takes are always targeting internal politics. That's why they are always so stupid. It hasn't been a week since the chemical attack and the speculations began. Judging from the photos, someone realized it was stronger than chlorine, somebody speak of sarin, the same chemical the Syrian army once owned. They supposedly saw the yellowish cloud, sensed the strong odor. As a result, they showed what was happening to people. Sarin is odorless and colorless, it's undetectable. There would be no cloud. Plus, 1 mg of sarin will kill a person in 1 minute. It doesn't matter what part of skin it gets on. Gas bombs never blow up on the ground's surface. They blow up dozens of meters up in the air. This way the gas will spread all over the surface. It loses all validity on impact.

rep from US that showed these photos was immediately called the new version of online. The US used the same method in 2013 to convince the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Colin Powell was shaking a beaker with alleged anthrax in it, showing that an invasion was necessary. They did eventually start a war and brought chaos to the country. They didn't find any mass destruction weapons in Iraq. The case was fabricated. UN inspectors, who were looking for evidence under Baghdad, before the invasion, only found mushrooms.

Colin Powell finally admitted: When I was reporting in February of 2003, I based it upon the best findings of the . Unfortunately, it eventually became clear that the sources were imprecise and incorrect. In some cases, the information was deliberately misleading. I am deeply disappointed and bring my sincere apologies. They hit wherever they want. They used to hit communists in Vietnam, in North Korea, then they hit the dictators. It doesn't really matter what the target for US really is. It never ended well. I don't know of a country where the American military intervention would result in anything good, that's for sure.

A fake reason that would convince those who see American bombings on TV every day. It was the same during the Yugoslavian invasion. Back then Washington claimed to fight for the rights of Albanians in Kosovo. And President Milosevic oppressed them. After bombed houses and trains with civilians they covered up their tracks. This is what the then General Attorney of the International Tribunal of the UN for former Yugoslavia Carla Del Ponte wrote in her book. It became clear for me and my colleagues that NATO either hides information on choosing the target and other decisions from the Tribunal or this information is only available to those NATO members whose authorities will not share it. We weren't given access to the documents. I also discovered I made it to the border of the political Universe within which the Tribunal was allowed to act. All my colleagues came to the same opinion. It is impossible to investigate NATO's actions. Cleanup of crime evidence and not just in former Yugoslavia, goes on.

This week, a popular British newspaper Daily Mail deleted a 4-year-old article U.S. 'backed plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad's regime'. It contained information on correspondence between 2 high-ranking officers from the British military company Britain Defense. Here is a fragment from the article. A copy was saved online. Leaked emails potentially prove that the gave a 'green light' for the chemical attack on Syria, that can later be blamed on Assad's regime. This will be an invitation for an international interference into the destroyed country.

The article was published on January 29th in 2013. The same year several missiles were fired towards the Syrian oasis, Ghouta. The missiles cumulatively contained around 350 liters of sarin. almost followed a script. I determined that this is in the best interest of USA's national safety. We will respond to Assad's regime's use of chemical weapons by deliberate military invasion. It's unclear how Obama found out that the attack was done by Assad. He only had access to a video, which didn't clarify who was behind the attack.

The question of why the people in the streets didn't get sick from the gas if it were windy that day was asked by Mother Superior of the St. Jacob's Monastery in Syria Mother Agness. I watched about 200 videos from there and can definitely say where they were made. I have access to witnesses, to the victims, and based on all this I really doubt this isn't fake. There was a highly viewed video online, where a militant, not a Syrian soldier spoke of using chemical weapons. They want to take away the chemicals that are used for making deadly gas. For this we will use gas on their wives and kids. What happened to the terrorists' chemical weapons supply and to the so-called moderate opposition since then and up to the attack in Idlib this week no international organizations have observed.

There was always talk that the opposition got the components of the chemical weapons which also means armed militant forces. What could they come up with with those components is a serious question. So it's odd that Donald Trump's administration so quickly pointed their finger at the Syrian government as the guilty party for using chemical weapons. Assad couldn't use it, since he gave his entire supply away to the international observers. But for his oppositions it's the only opportunity to either get a break because it will cause an international scandal, because their business in this region, in the Idlib province is very negative. It looks like the US went in to save their protege. The fact that Idlib events need to be investigated is finally discussed not only in Russia but also in the . Head of Diplomacy Mogherini said that the investigation must be prompt.