Форвард сборной Швеции перешел в клуб чемпионата ОАЭ

Нападающий "Панатинаикоса" и сборной Швеции стал игроком клуба "Аль-Айн", информирует пресс-служба команды из ОАЭ. По неофициальным данным сумма трансфера составила 3 миллиона евро.

Im so happy to announce that from now on i am a Al ain player. Im looking forward to my new challenge and i will do my very best to reach mine and the clubs goals! I want to take the oppurtunity to say a BIG Thank you to all of you fans of Panathinaikos who have been supporting me from the first until the last days in this fantastic club! Im so proud and happy to have been a part of Panathinaikos for four years, Its been alot of ups and downs but i will always look back with pride and joy and remember all the hard work and effort i put in every day to improve myself and the team! Its been alot of tears the last days, tears of happiness from the Love, kindness, respect me and my family got from all of you fantastic people in Panathinaikos- Athens- Greece! Last of all. My teammates and colleagues, the people i worked with everyday and been through alot with! People i will have in my life forever. Its been an honor for me to work with all of you and i will miss you alot! I wish all of you the best of luck and i will follow your games as a supporter of ️ Today a new exiting chapter starts for me and my family With Love, Berg

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