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Trump didn't Blast Russia in Conversation with Poroshenko

Now it's clear why the United States is going through a security services reform. It was simply indecent to work as before. There was no time for the Ukrainian president in ’s working week schedule. It wasn't the on the call with Poroshenko, but a private club Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where the US president went to for the weekend. The first quote published by Trump's press office was indicative. Not a hint of disapproving Russia.

Trump didn't Blast Russia in Conversation with Poroshenko
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Trump: "We will cooperate with Ukraine, Russia, and all other parties concerned in order to help restore peace along the border". For the Ukrainian government the situation with the new Administration is still reminiscent of the morning after the US elections. It was gloomy in Kiev for everyone counting on Clinton and actively helping her bring Trump down. There are suspicions that not only Ukrainian lobbyists, but also the US Embassy in Kiev were actively involved. That the Embassy had representatives of the US special services who exchanged information with the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office and the Presidential Administration and that it was an undisguised intervention in the American election campaign.

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Daughter of Ukrainian immigrants Alexandra Chalupa was the key character responsible for discrediting the Republican candidate. In the Democratic National Committee, Clinton's party headquarters, she was responsible for the Russian line. The pay was good. During the period from 2004 to 2016, Chalupa earned nearly half a million dollars. But it was the conflict in Donbas that became her hour of triumph. In 2014, Chalupa founded and headed the lobbying group called US United With Ukraine Coalition, which promoted a bill in Congress to provide military assistance to Ukraine and strengthen the sanctions against Russia. Chalupa herself stayed in the background. Instead, her sister was put forward for the press.

Chalupa: "My sister played an important role in the , where she was responsible for collecting and studying information on Manafort". It was the story of Paul Manafort's resignation from the position of Trump's campaign chairman that opened the floodgates for streams of anti-Russian hysteria that became Clinton's main weapon against her competitor at the key stage of the campaign. For voters to believe in Russian hackers and the fact that Trump was a Kremlin agent, they would first have to be convinced that Manafort was flush with money from the Ukrainian Party of Regions.

Ukrainian authorities investigating Donald Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manaford for allegedly receiving illegal payments from the former pro-Russian ruling party. US liberal media eagerly picked up the story about 13 million dollars illegally earned by Manafort, which was baited by Chalupa with the help of Ukrainian journalists, diplomats, and intelligence agencies. Because Manafort led Yanukovych's election campaign, the Party of Regions' spreadsheets were closely studied by Poroshenko’s protege, 30-year-old anticorruption prosecutor Nazar Holodnickiy. "Were they signed by him? No, Paul Manafort didn't sign the documents but his name is mentioned several times".

Documents which are considered accounting fraud of the Party of Regions were received by Holodnickiy from the Security Service of Ukraine, whose close ties with the US intelligence agencies are no secret. They were handled by the former First Deputy of the Security Service of Ukraine, Viktor Trepak. The responsibility for information support was assumed by a Rada lawmaker from the Petro Poroshenko Block, an investigative reporter for the Ukrainian Pravda in pre-Maidan times, Sergei Leshchenko. It was he who scandalously leaked a copy of the secret ledger by publishing it in August. By the way, Ukraine still doesn't have original documents.

Leshchenko: "The barn book of the Party of Regions saved the world. Manafort, hand-fed by Yanukovych, leaves in disgrace. I think that Trump won't recover from such a blow". After selling the line about Trump’s connections with Moscow to the American voters, the next phase was to eradicate the remnants of critical thinking from their heads. A project called PropOrNot (Propaganda Or Not) came out of nowhere on the Internet. The odious webpage Peacemaker, which was created by the assistant of Avakov, Gerashchenko, was taken as a basis.

Peacemaker was famous for publishing blacklists of journalists working in Donbas. 4500 names and personal data of correspondents, including the Western media. The PropOrNot list consists of 200 resources, which the self-proclaimed "independent team of investigators” identified as agents of the Russian propaganda. In its Twitter, the team, however, for some reason, left traces in the form of greetings that are popular among Ukrainian nationalists. The New Yorker even dedicated an article titled "Propaganda about Russian Propaganda" to these poison pens. This story, in fact, combines the two most popular technology villains of the post-election analysis, fake news and Russian tricks in one tempting bottle. The hot mix of this cocktail was exploded by a publication by . Craig Timberg, using the materials of PropOrNot, wrote in the article that the very same 200 webpages, directly or indirectly supervised from Moscow, helped Trump become president. Timberg is a reliable author. His father, also a journalist, wrote the biography of . At least two publications from the blacklist — Naked Capitalism and The Intercept — have filed a lawsuit against The Washington Post.

The newspaper editorial office is forced to give a footnote that it is not responsible for the accuracy of the written material. It is very important to be honest. Otherwise, if we are not honest and our conscience is a little corrupt, this is a big problem, so there are many problems in the world. This member of the Ukrainian delegation did not want to introduce himself, is one of those who arrived in Washington from Ukraine to participate in the Trump’s Prayer Breakfast. Those dressed in embroidered shirts change their shoes on the go. Here at the bar we see that same anti-corruption campaigner Nazar Holodnickiy that was looking for dirt on Manafort for Clinton. He didn't hesitate and flew to Washington on the inauguration eve and still won't go away. — When did you come here? — January 20. So you came to attend Trump's inauguration? No. However, Holodnickiy was not the key player of Ukrainian politics who came to Washington.

The main representative of Kiev at the Prayer Breakfast was Yulia Tymoshenko. Former Ukrainian Prime Minister met with the US President, but, as reported in the White House, she was given no guarantee that the US would keep sanctions against Russia. According to those who were at the National Prayer Breakfast, Ms. Tymoshenko was waiting for President Trump in the hallway next to the restroom in the hope to catch him for a moment to shake hands. In reality, there was no meeting. The president shook hands with many people, and apparently Ms. Tymoshenko was one of them. The story about the restroom is probably exaggerated, as the information came from Jeff Birnbaum, President of the PR division of the lobbying firm BGR that was hired by Poroshenko to develop relationships with Trump. It was a risky selection of mediators for such business.

Founder of BGR Ed Rogers was one of the leaders of the movement Never Trump, which was founded with hope to prevent the future US president from taking office. However, in this sense, Poroshenko and Rogers, who wanted exactly the same, are in the same kill. The failure suffered by Poroshenko putting his eggs in one, as is now clear, cracked bucket, forces his entourage take desperate steps. Some of them naively advise to blame everything on Ambassador Chaly's initiative. Others, according to Politicio, even contacted Paul Manafort in search of approaches to Trump. Nothing is heard about their successes. Kiev could wag the dog in Washington only while the dog's head was not working. Valentin Bogdanov, Viktor Kazakov, Elena Sokolova, and Philip Dubrovsky, Nedeli, USA.

In the context of the majority of Americans convinced by the press that their country is not just innocent, but pristine. I find interesting a fragment of a TV interview with Trump, which has been published today as the announcement of a premiere, which will take place in a few hours. When my colleague, syndicated columnist Bill O'Reilly on the , asked Trump if was a “killer”, Trump calmly offered America to look at itself. It was a very significant phrase. Thus, Trump offered everyone, as the phrase goes, start with themselves. Likewise, Trump could have answered the question about Russian hackers, operating on the Internet. And what is the Snowden dossier actually about? And the topic of the unconstitutional intervention of the US intelligence served up by the Ukrainian Security Service Nazis in the presidential election campaign in the US also gives Trump a reason to rethink the current system in the country. I think Trump cares about it even more than what is happening abroad, because America comes first.