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Pointless Bureaucracy and a Dysfunctional Ideology: the EU is on the verge of collapse and Irrelevancy

leaders, despondently, as if on their way to the slaughter, are following the constantly shifting course of America, and, curiously, are even starting to follow in its footsteps. So, on Friday, in Malta, EU leaders met in an informal summit. It was their first meeting after the inauguration of the new US President, and after all the things they heard him say. It would be logical to expect some kind of a joint declaration in response, but no. A declaration was adopted, but a completely different one. The document is such, as if the authors timidly peeked at Trump's paper, the executive order, entitled "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States." Quite silly, really.

Pointless Bureaucracy and a Dysfunctional Ideology: the EU is on the verge of collapse and Irrelevancy
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Now the EU is suddenly in favor of reducing the number of new refugees it will allow. And, in the spirit of Trump, they are suddenly in favor of the establishment of border controls. And, poof, no more illegals. A key element of a sustainable migration policy is to ensure the effective control of our external border and stem illegal flows into the EU. And not a word against the United States, as if they don't want to wake the sleeping giant. The sleeping giant, however, is not asleep.

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Trump's pick for the US ambassador to the EU, Ted Malloch, compared the EU to the USSR. He recalled how at his last diplomatic job, he helped to ruin the Soviet Union, and made it clear that the same task, meaning another collapse, is his next job in Brussels. His words are clearly approved. They mean that America simply does not need the European Union anymore. There is , so what is the European Union good for? Absolutely nothing. So, it's some sort of political garbage, a non-viable bureaucratic utopia. And President Trump doesn't need the euro. Is the eurozone even needed? Also not needed.

Today America is such that it sees the future of Europe having a dollar zone, and not some kind of shaky euro zone. Does the euro even have resources for defense? Hardly. I do not want to fill your head with a bunch of complex terms, which all the experts use anyway, but the point is the same: If not only Greece and Italy struggle under the euro, but Germany, too, then what is the point of a single European currency? There are probably a few countries that do, but nobody will be asking them. Today I can hardly imagine seeing what Obama so loved: a US-EU summit with its long corteges in a cramped Brussels, full of sirens and flashing lights, paralyzing the capital of the European Union.

When Donald Trump, a week before the inauguration, asked about the EU's future, the answer turned out to be as straight as could be: I believe that the future will be hard. People want their own identity, just like the United Kingdom wanted its own identity. If you want my opinion, I think that other countries will leave the EU as well. Either way, already, there are experts who, with all seriousness, give the euro 12-18 months to live. But slaughtering the EU and forcing Europe to buy the dollar as the world's reserve currency is only the temporary goal of the United States. Their main economic and future military rival is China.

If so, Russia is in a position where everyone is interested in it as an ally in the global arena. That is, Russia has a potential "golden share" in this triangle. Of course, if we match the speed of the game that's stirring up. As for the EU, the mood is gloomy there, as if at a funeral. A revealing letter, which was recently written to the leaders of the EU by the Pole, , the President of the European Council. Alarming statements by the new US administration make our future very unpredictable." How is this different from the captain saying, "Gentlemen, we're sinking"? But Tusk for some reason believes that the current US president is the terminator of the European Union. That's rather self-deprecating.

After all, the European Union with its pointless bureaucracy and its dysfunctional ideology came to collapse and worthlessness on its own. Trump only pointed out what was going on. The UK just decided to get off the boat first. In good English families, parents teach children about the best time to excuse yourself when you are a guest at someone's home. And here it is, the golden rule: It is necessary to time the exact moment while it is still fun, that way, when you go back home, everyone feels that after you left, the party died. Everyone is tired and now it is boring. Now the EU is in such a mood. The UK said, "Goodbye, the party is over."