In Clinton's Footsteps: Macron Sees Visions of Russian Hackers

Kremlin called an absurdity statements against Moscow in connection to cyber attacks that were made in the election headquarters of presidential candidate of France Emmanuel Macron. Reports about some Russian hackers who allegedly attacked the web page of the political movement of Macron evoke the feeling of deja vu. It turns out that Macron with enthusiasm picked up a relay baton fallen from the hands of US Democrats, perhaps, forgetting that it didn’t help them much. From France, our political correspondent Alexei Petrov.

In Clinton's Footsteps: Macron Sees Visions of Russian Hackers
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Headquarters of Emmanuel Macron brought accusations against Moscow. They say that the journalists of the RT channel and media resource are allegedly trying to influence the opinion of the French and playing against the former minister of economy, the party of whom also calls itself a victim of Russian hackers. There are hundreds, thousands of cyber attacks on our digital systems, databases, and our website. And, as if by chance, they are coming from somewhere within the borders of Russia.

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However, there is no evidence being presented. Nervousness in Macron's headquarters is well understood. The fight for second place between him and is becoming increasingly fierce. Former Prime Minister Fillon led a campaign on the distant frontiers for three days. He came back from the French island of Réunion. Footages are being broadcast by the television channels of the country. Here, the candidate is treated during a barbecue festival. And here, he is pictured during a church ceremony. But the posters "No to fictitious jobs" spoil the impression and look scandalous. Together with this, the irritation of the supporters is growing.

A group of party members addressed Fillon, warning him of a possible collapse of the entire party: "We came to the conclusion that we cannot continue our campaign in the circumstances that threaten our entire party". But Fillon is adamant. And, judging by his mood, he isn’t going to leave the fight. If you are self-confident, you have to go all the way.

, who is expected to win in the first round, is campaigning in the south, where she already has strong positions. It was shown by local elections in December 2015. The leader of the "National Front" went to the border with Italy to speak out in support of the police and to criticize the immigration policy: "At the time of our conversation here today, two times more illegal immigrants have already been detected on our territory compared to the previous year. It's not hard to imagine that in the spring and summer, there will be more. Who will pay for them?"

For the first time the presidential race takes place together with a large-scale terrorist threat. The country is in special regulation for the second year. A metal lattice is now put around the Eiffel Tower. It was mounted last year, before Euro-2016. But now, Paris City Hall wants to go even further. It is planned to enclose the Tower with a fence of bulletproof glass. The height of this construction will be two and a half meters. The project will cost the city 20 million euros. Fences and frames are everywhere. Police and military are on duty around the inspection points. Even part of the gardens around the Tower might stay behind the fence, which is planned to be build by the end of the year.

Tourism in France suffered greatly because of the terrorist attacks on the Bataclan and . The profit of hotels and the entire tourism sector fell. We already know that the police managed to prevent a terrorist attack near the Eiffel Tower. It was prepared by a 16-year-old girl and her 21-year-old boyfriend who planned to go to Syria after. The couple was arrested in Montpellier. Explosives were found in their apartment. The country is gradually learning to live in a new environment, and the French are waiting for action and not declarations from the next president of the republic.