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US Consulate in Germany Turned Out to Be Hacker Center

From the materials published by on March 7, it also became known that the American consulate in Frankfurt am Main is CIA's hacking headquarters in Europe. While working abroad, state-sponsored hackers officially work in the State Department, benefits and all, including diplomatic passports. Germany, which is, in fact, a country still occupied by American troops, is so helpless that it can't even limit what US intelligence services do on its own territory. They can do whatever they want. Apparently, that includes wiretapping Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone.
US Consulate in Germany Turned Out to Be Hacker Center
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When a scandal about this flared up four years ago, the Germans sent a special delegation to the USA to negotiate some kind of agreement that lays down some ground rules and basic principles for their partnership. They're allies, after all. They shamefully returned with nothing. They were told that this was not their business. Period. Today, thanks to the publication of these shocking documents about American state-sponsored hackers in Germany, we know more. Taking their humiliating experience into consideration, the Germans can't even say a word. Our European special correspondent, Mikhail Antonov, reports from Frankfurt am Main.
The American consulate general in Frankfurt, which appears in the WikiLeaks documents, is the largest in the world. It’s a former military hospital. Triple gates, double fences, behind which there is a complex of buildings from three to five floors up. Perhaps, there are also underground levels. There's a loading dock. In the first floors of some buildings, there are window security bars. It's like a detention center. Simply said, it doesn't even look like a place that issues visas. The security is a bit too nervous. Having noticed the camera, an American security guard jumped out of the security shack and started gesticulating energetically, demanding that the filming be stopped. The German police drove up. Two men at first, then, two more with senior ranks. It was clearly done to secure order. Documents were not checked. They asked not to come close to the fence and not to film diplomats, saying that among them there could be not only diplomats.
Actually, WikiLeaks directly states the same thing. On nine hectares of land, there is the headquarters, the logistics center and the base for almost all secret operations conducted by the Americans in the Eastern Hemisphere. Color revolutions, the assassination and kidnapping of people, wiretapping of the Federal Chancellor and the French president, everything is coordinated from here. It was here that the concept of the secret prisons was born, in which prisoners are moved with blindfolds.
Perhaps, in one of these buildings, there is such a prison, from which all the others were copied. The author of the template is agent Kyle Foggo, codename — Dusty. From Frankfurt, Foggo made sure that the interrogation rooms on the territory of Romania, Morocco and Poland always looked the same. Veneered walls, non-slip flooring, and one plastic chair. Prisoners should not know which prison and which country they are in. This method complicates the work of lawyers trying to prove the fact of the violation of human rights by the CIA.
In the far west of Germany, especially in Hesse, the Americans began to retrench after the war. In the 40's, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, where their important stronghold, the base "Barracks Klein", was located. The base served as a center of speculative trade for American surplus goods. German men and women gave away everything for cigarettes and stockings. With the military, that is, uncontrolled traffic flow, new drugs came to Europe. Under the control of the winners, the Americanization of Germany moved in all directions. According to Süddeutsche Zeitung, near the Consulate General in Frankfurt and its vicinity, the US intelligence services created a network of observation posts disguised as small businesses.
Obviously, they can be used not only for some external monitoring, but also, for example, as safe houses or sources of funding for those who can’t be given money directly from the cash desk of the consulate general. Today, out of a thousand employees, a fifth of them represent the CIA, the and their equivalents. The expansion of staff took place under the previous administration. In the consulate general, they also created a cyber intelligence center specifically for preparing attacks against Russia, as the television network, NBC, has confirmed.
WikiLeaks published a guide for beginners which recommends that if you have a device at home or at work that has access to the Internet, you should never leave the device on when you are not using it. It is this part of the leak, which refers to technologies used by the Americans for hacking, that led the German opposition to some unpleasant thoughts. I want to remind you that over the past six months an incredible media campaign was launched in Germany, based on suspicions against Russia about its possible impact on the course of the pre-election race in Germany. Perhaps this campaign was organized by the CIA, no one knows exactly. I sent several requests to the federal government on this topic and received the same answer. We have no evidence.
The media continued to promote the story of Russian interference, but it turns out that the threat does not come from Russia, but from another country. It seems that the federal government and the mainstream media aren't being particularly proactive in light of what happened four years ago, when revelations by first changed the German people's opinions about the nature of their relationship with their American allies, when it turned out that their "allies" listened in on the conversations and read the text messages of their chancellor, senior officials, and top corporate managers.
Today, no one is even attempting to put under a microscope all the spying equipment that's being operated 24/7 on the roof of the US embassy. The past was hushed up, and the present was accepted. It is much easier for them this way. This fact is obvious, based on what was said by Foreign Minister at a press conference in Moscow. I suppose that modern means of communication always lead to the emergence of some people who try to use them for their own purposes. As for the CIA hackers, we do not have any information on that. But there are rumors about a variety of countries that are supposedly trying to influence us. But we are trying to consider all of this as nothing more than hearsay. It is possible that on March 14th, in Washington, Merkel will ask Trump whether it’s a rumor or not, but it’s not an occasion to make official claims, and it would also be pointless to do so. In this regard, German intelligence took a relaxed attitude towards the news, as Spiegel wrote.
From what a high-ranking representative from the intelligence services said in an interview with the magazine, it follows that they are even trying to have fun with all of it. There are bad guys who are engaged in espionage, but there are also good guys. The US is one of the good guys. At the moment, their intelligence gathering interests coincide with ours by 90%. Obviously, 10% of the discrepancy can be neglected, after all, complete agreement in all intelligence interests is possible only if the American flag was put on the . For a state that justifies this kind of foreign espionage, both on and from its territory, the only thing that matters is that everything stays the same.